Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Eclipse Ganymede branding - Getting your launcher icon right

Still, eclipse is picky when you're not explicit on your branding.
When providing icons for your windows application one by one (i.e. not with a combined .ico but single bitmaps) it is mandatory to specify a file for each
of the six sizes/depths.
Looks like win xp is looking for a 32-bit icon, so the "fault" is not on eclipse's side. Of course, it's on mine.

Iconomaker is capable of creating 32-bit bitmaps, but it is shareware.
Haven't tried gimp yet, but i suppose it can do so as well.

Yeah, gimp can do. Eclipse is just overwriting the icons from the original launcher.
If you drag your launcher in irfanview you will see a multipage icon (7 pages) you can
scroll through. I only wonder where i can specify the seventh icon, since the branding wizard only allows for six?

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