Friday, June 27, 2008

My ganymede icon

So eclipse ganymede is finally out. Good news, although some plugins still have to be updated to work with
it. If you don't have the JEE package, don't try to install the Spring IDE Mylyn Integration, look for installation instructions here.)
The Mantis-mylyn integration is not yet ready for 3.4, so you have to use the dev version to make it work, the update-site URL is

Unfortunately, Eclipse did not provide a new icon for ganymede but having seven zillions different versions on my desktop, I need some visual distinction. Fortunately, irfanview can extract icons from exe's, so look at this masterpiece.
Bow, Picasso!


evandro said...

Thanks for the info and the icon :)

seyfettin said...

thans for the icon